The ResearchOps Board

The ‘Cheese Board’ share the task of caring for the community and harnessing all that enthusiasm within it for our emergent profession.

The Board of ResearchOps (affectionately known as the Cheese Board) is a group of leaders who have taken on the role of shaping and leading the community. Together, they share the task of caring for the community and harnessing all that enthusiasm within it for our emergent profession.

Each year, according to our Terms of Reference, we check in with current board members to see if they would like to recommit themselves to the work of the community. Where board members opt to step down, they form an alumni and act as mentors for new board members coming in. New board members are found via an expression of interest, and come from across the globe. We have a focus on ensuring our community is represented as much as possible within the board, with as rich a diversity of experience as possible.

Brigette looks wistfully off in the distance with her hand on her chin in the shade of a tree on a sunny day

Brigette Metzler

Brigette Metzler (she/her) is a co-chair of the community alongside Holly Cole. A jump-in-with-both-boots kind of a person, she is unafraid of big dreams and is passionate about the democratisation of knowledge. Brigette is currently the ResearchOps Lead for the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment. Brigette is passionate about the role of ResearchOps in helping researchers do their best work and most weeks can find her talking ResearchOps, and libraries in particular, with people from all over the place. You can find Brigette for a chat on Twitter at @BrigetteMetzler.

Holly is smiling widely, is wearing glasses and has platinum blonde hair

Holly Cole

Holly Cole (She/Her/My thoughts only) has always been focused on understanding the context before changing anything that works. She’s always been passionate about helping the people around her and has a bit of a catchphrase, “My users are my coworkers.” She loves to both hear and tell a good story, so don’t get her going unless you’re prepared to have seven conversations at once that don’t seem to relate to each other until the end. All that translates well into her passion for tools, governance, and process for research activities that allow everyone to do better research with the people they make things for, wherever they work or study. Holly Cole is a co-chair of the community alongside Brigette Metzler.

Benson is looking directly at the camera with a closed smile and is wearing a blue shirt.

Benson Low

Benson Low is leading and supercharging the UX Research practice at REA Group. In the past 20 years, he led design and UX teams across Australia and in recent years established UX Research practice at Australia Post and built the team user research as a core capability across key products and initiatives. Benson is also a board member of the ResearchOps community, organising Skills Framework workshops in Melbourne and part of other emerging global projects such as Research Repositories. Find him for on Twitter at @Sprae.

Bri is smiling slightly and looking away from the camera.

Brigitta Norton

Brigitta Norton is a Digital Strategist and User Experience and Accessibility specialist based in Canberra, Australia. She prides herself on her ability to turn disengaged end users into enthusiastic contributors by creating user-friendly, inclusive and accessible digital experiences. Amongst her professional experience with government agencies and local businesses, Bri has previously been the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency’s Accessibility and Inclusivity Lead, is the co-chair and the conference convenor for Australia’s Web Accessibility Initiative, is a Standards Australia committee member for Accessible ICT Procurement and proud to be a member of the ReOps Cheese Board. You can find her for a chat on Twitter @algazel or LinkedIn @brinorton.

A head and shoulder photo of Dana who is smiling slightly at the camera.

Dana Chrisfield

Dana Chrisfield (she/her) is a researcher living and thriving in New York City. Her approach to research has been shaped by work in academia and in industry, and by an unflagging commitment to the idea that the tech we build and the experiences we create can do actual good for the people we serve, aka our users. She currently leads a talented and tireless team of researchers and researchops-ers at American Express and has been honored to play a role in helping the ResearchOps community to unpack the wonderfully complex landscape of research repositories. You can find her for a chat on Twitter at @DanaChrisfield.

Headshot of Fredrick who is smiling widely at the camera.

Frederik Bader

Frederik Bader is a UX Research Manager living near the beautiful city of Heidelberg in Germany. He has a B.S. in Online Media, a M.Sc. in Media Informatics and worked as a qual UX Researcher and UX Ops Manager, always as an ambassador for the user. Frederik is also a lecturer at the DHBW Mosbach.

Headshot of Graham who is looking directly at the camera.

Graham Gardner

Graham Gardner is a creative-minded researcher working to build and scale the Design Research Operations discipline at global design and innovation company, IDEO. A tinkerer in the world of research, he feels most at home problem-solving, process-diagramming, story-telling, and helping others. He is passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion and believes that revolutionary design starts by revolutionizing our systems and processes for understanding, creating, and designing the future together. You can find him walking around parks in Rochester, New York with his neuroscientist wife and two fluffy dogs or online at

Jahnavi is wearing an orange top and looking directly at the camera.

Jahnavi Mirashi

Jahnavi Mirashi is a partner at Hureo, a user research consultancy based out of Pune, India. Before beginning her journey with Hureo, Jahnavi worked in various domains such as advertising and digital media, giving her a unique perspective on designing for the end user. At Hureo, while she wears many hats, she mainly manages the research practice including research ops. She’s passionate about advocating for user research, ethical research, and highlighting the diversity of users and user research in India. You can find her for a chat on Twitter at @jahnavimirashi.

Pollie is smiling slightly and looking directly at the camera.

Pollie Barden

Pollie Barden is a researcher focused on continuing to develop practices that are ethical and unbiased. In particular, her research centers around working with digitally disenfranchised communities through participatory methods. She has over twenty years of experience in UX design and research management. Pollie has a Ph.D. in human-computer interaction from Queen Mary University of London. She has presented her research, game, and artwork at conferences, museums, and exhibitions across the globe.

Shem is looking slightly away from the camera and smiling widely.

Shem Rajoon

Shem Rajoon (he/him/his) moved to Harlem, NY from Trinidad & Tobago at age 11 and immediately got involved with HarlemLive, a world-renowned youth journalism organization in 1996. In the span of over a decade, he was nurtured into a leader and an advocate for the voices within his community. Equipped with a press badge, Shem had the agency to ask questions and a platform to be seen and heard. Today, Shem is a Community Builder and a Product Design coach-leader for teams at software technology companies, strategically championing design, user experience research, communications, branding and design systems. Most importantly Shem is (as a mentor of his often says) "an artist who cares".


Kate Towsey

Founder of the ResearchOps Community, you can find Kate’s ways of working throughout the community - her care about being global and her commitment to this being a space for research operations. In 2018, Kate left the community to focus on building and managing a global team delivering research operations for Atlassian.

Andrew Maier

Andrew Maier (he/him) is a public-interest designer working with organizations to improve their services, mature their design practices, and kickstart learning communities. He is the co-founder of two publications, UX Booth and Civic Quarterly, and he recently completed a four-year term at 18F, and 2014 Fellowship with Code for America. Andrew was the U.S. coordinator for the 2018 #WhatIsResearchOps workshops and has been with ReOps from the beginning. You can find him for a chat on Twitter at @andrewmaier.

Brad Orego

Brad Orego (they/he) is a User Researcher, Experience Designer, Entrepreneur, and Dancer currently located in Brooklyn, NY. He spends his days as the Director of User Experience at 1010data as well as dancing professionally with Sokolow Theater Dance Ensemble and Kanopy Dance Company. He is a graduate of the University of Rochester with a B.S. in Computer Science, a B.A. in Psychology, and minors in Spanish and Dance. You can learn more about him and his thoughts via his website.

Chris Adams

Chris Adams is an environmentally focussed tech generalist, spending the last ten years working in tech startups, blue chip companies and government, as a user researcher, product manager, developer, sysadmin and UX-er. He runs Product Science, a small product development consultancy, and lives in Berlin. Chris is an original board member of Team ReOps and has worked extensively on the administration of our large Community. Chris runs the Community Town Halls.

Emma Boulton

Emma Boulton is a Design / User Research Leader based near Cardiff in the UK. Now working as a freelance consultant, she previously led research at Monotype and in the BBC’s Audience Research team. She was a co-founder of the boutique design studio, Mark Boulton Design and there ran User Research projects for global clients such as Al Jazeera, CERN and Global Witness. As the commissioning editor of popular indie publisher, Five Simple Steps, she was instrumental in amplifying many new voices in the industry. Emma also writes and speaks and you can often find her sharing her thoughts on Twitter @emmaboulton.

Hugo Froes

Hugo Froes is a Product Ops specialist with a background in building better products for people through user centered design methodologies. In recent years, his focus has been around empowering teams and individuals to grow and do their best work. This includes looking at product development processes, working relationships, on-boarding, training, frameworks and so much more. He loves to give back to the community by teaching and mentoring, while also being involved in global communities. Co-founder of UXDiscuss and Design Research Portugal.

Mark McElhaw

is a lateral thinker with a couple of decades of experience in digital strategy, design and research. His sweet spot vacillates somewhere between making sense of the world and letting go completely. This probably explains his current focus on a research & design framework based on mindstates and a Buddhist eightfold umbrella.

Rebecca Wood Spagnoli

Rebecca is a Sr. UX Researcher living in Austin, TX, USA. Her passion is helping teams find their “aha” moment when it comes to the value of UXR and growing research practices. This passion (and her frustration with recruiting and the “insights black hole”) brought her to ResearchOps.

Tomomi Sasaki

Tomomi is a designer, bringing product strategy, design research and facilitation skills to challenges like organizational culture change and improving the customer experience. She lived in Tokyo for almost two decades before moving to Paris in late 2014. Exploring: learning as a social activity, the nature of unfolding conversations, and building organizational capabilities for design and research. Co-founder Design Research Tokyo. Say hi on Twitter @tomomiq.

Zack Naylor

Zack has been helping people make better and more informed design and product decisions for over 10 years ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies in nearly every industry there is. He was an early contributor to several startups such as, Lockerz and Pikimal as well as Principal UX Designer at The Nerdery, successfully helping teams with wide ranging needs create sound goals, conduct customer research and connect intelligent insights to product decisions. He's currently the co-founder and CEO of Zack was a core member of the team responsible for the global #WhatIsResearchOps project. Zack was a board member from 2018 to 2019.