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We’re here for the Ops people, and in turn, the researchers.

About the ResearchOps Community

If the mission for ResearchOps is to help researchers do their best work, then the mission of the ResearchOps Community is to help research operations people know just how to do that.

In effect, we research the researchers. We talk about and influence the development of tools, repositories, guidelines and templates. Discussing what makes the best lab, what kinds of spaces researchers need to do their work, how to do the best recruitment.

We’re a vibrant, global Community centred around our Slack which is carefully tended and managed by a team of committed board members and organisers of our global projects.

ResearchOps is the people, mechanisms, and strategies that set user research in motion. It provides the roles, tools and processes needed to support researchers in delivering and scaling the impact of the craft across an organisation.

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Rules of Conduct

Being a community requires a commitment to being respectful of our incredibly diverse and global Community. We have a public Community Guidelines document that includes a Code of Conduct.

Impressively, the community is actually just warm, collegiate and inclusive all by itself. When it isn’t, the Cheese Board are ready to help (better yet, because of the global nature of the group, there’s always one of us on hand, should you need anything).

Outside the Slack, you can contact us at

There’s a small waitlist as we like to bring new people into the community as a cohort. This way, we have a chance to get to know you and say hi without getting lost in all our chatter.

The wait is not often longer than 4 weeks, and in the meantime, you can keep up-to-date with us on our Medium articles and other social accounts.

Community Talks

The wonderful thing about all the work we do together, is that people like to ask us to talk about it!

What is ResearchOps:

8 Pillars:

Emma Boulton and Chris Spalton ResearchOps Rea collaboration:


Research Skills Framework:

Research Repositories:

Pace Layers Matrix*:

(*Pace Layers Matrix is not a project, but instead is a framework arising from the 8 Pillars and Research Repositories work).


ResearchOps Events

In addition to maintaining our Slack, our community is committed to facilitating global discussions via local workshops. Our first workshop series helped us better define the discipline. In 2019, we’re running two more.



ReOpsConf by the ResearchOps.Community

Wednesday 8 June 2022, New York City, NY and Remote

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Town Halls

Town Halls

Our Town Halls are run intermittently throughout the year. You can find previous Town Halls via the ResearchOps Community on Vimeo.



We at ResearchOps really love researching researchers! We are working our way through the core pillars of ResearchOps to understand each facet of delivering and doing ReOps better.

Our workshops tend to be announced so follow us on Twitter and Medium or join in with the Community on Slack.